About Chris

Born and raised in Macon, Georgia, Chris was ​inspired by a rich musical heritage at an early age and he treasures the sound of music's greatest eras.  Having grown up with the lofty notes of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, and other big bands, he fell in love with music and how it motivates emotions.   

Chris began his voice training in a studio setting in 2005 where he produced numerous recordings over the next five years. In 2011, he began professional voice training for live performance venues and focused less on the studio recordings. During this time, he developed his vocals over a broad spectrum of singing styles spanning all decades from 1940 to today and to include everything from 50's doo-wop, to the funky sounds of the 70's, the great 80's pop, and even country music. That training has led him to performances in over 50 events showcasing a diversity of vocal styles in various cities, including multiple performances in Nashville.  

In 2015, Chris decided to fully devote his energies to his lifelong musical idols with tribute performances to both Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.  In 2017, after a number of successful mixed tribute shows, Chris chose to dedicate his time and talents as a Sinatra singer exclusively to his "Sounds of Sinatra" tribute show.

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If you want to discuss the what, where, when, and how about your event, shoot Chris an email at Chris@SinatraTributes.com or give him a call at (478) 737-9448.