Sinatra Serenade

The big day is finally here!  Soulmates have come together to join as one.  Shouldn't this be a wedding with classic serenades out of the songbook of one of the greatest crooner of all time?

Let us "Sinatra Serenade" you on one of the biggest days of your life.

(Vocals: Chris Edwards)

Frank Sinatra's Big Break

Sinatra was working part time at the The Rustic Cabin as a singing waiter. The venue had a live feed to the WNEW radio station in New York City.  One day Harry James heard Frank's version of "Night and Day" and he went to Frank where he signed him on the spot as the lead singer of his orchestra.  That was the big break Sinatra needed and the rest, well, is history.

(Vocals: Chris Edwards)

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Frank Sinatra had a dream. In fact, he started dreaming at a very early age of becoming a singer.  Bing Crosby had set a standard that so many thought would never be matched. Sinatra looked up to him.  Reveled in him.  Dreamed to be him. 

Years later, while still a young man and a virtual unknown, Sinatra had the opportunity to see Bing perform in person and he looked over at his consort and proclaimed that he was going to be bigger than even Bing.  Wow, what a statement!

(Vocals: Chris Edwards)

Tired of the same ol' DJ bit?

So, you're planning a party, event, or something, right?  You need some entertainment, but what do you do?  Go find a DJ to play some songs off their iPod?  No!

"Decide to Go Live" with a live vocalist singing some of the Sinatra greats.

(Vocals: Chris Edwards)